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Baby Maggie Wants a Boy & Onward

Maggie Simpson goes Pixar


Directed By: Dan Scanlon

It was a bit strange to see the Simpson’s get the short film spot in front of the new Pixar movie Onward. Honestly I thought the whole short was a bit odd. But I haven’t seen any new Simpsons stuff since the movie.

First off that we didn’t even get a D’uh from Homer made it seem a little lacking.

And second it basically confirmed that Maggie is a thirty year old woman trapped in a babies body and behaved with that boy in the park like I would if I got within ten yards of Tom Hardy or Jon Bernthal.

Dumb Movie Characters: A New Number One?

Kate Winslet as Marianne Dashwood

So I was watching Sense and Sensibility the other day remembering with ease how much I hate Marianne Dashwood.

Ugh. She’s seriously the worst of all Jane Austen’s women cause at least Lydia was young, trying to show up her sisters and didn’t have much of a role model in her mother. And sure I mean Marianne’a cardinal sin is even as a teenager I never would have turned my nose up at Alan Rickman I mean Colonel Brandon.

But I think she might be supplanted by an even dumber character and for once it’s not romantic choices that make me roll my eyes!

War & Hate Through the Eyes of a Child

Rosie and Jojo in Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit

Directed by: Taika Waititi

I was a little nervous to see Jojo Rabbit. I like Waititi especially as a writer but I happened to think no matter how entertaining Thor Ragnarok might have been it was all over the place and in the end everything was sacrificed at the alter of comedy.

So considering this was a World War II movie about the Nazis seen through the eyes of a fanatical little boy whose imaginary bestie is none other than Hitler and it was being billed as a comedy no satire… I was unsure.