Book Gift Ideas

Book Gift Ideas  I’m very lucky in my friends and family they’re always happy to get books. Still this information below skews toward ideas for Mother’s Day and hopefully it will help give you some good ideas. Or maybe you’ll just see something you want for yourself which is fine too. It’s what I do … More Book Gift Ideas

All The Rage

Romy is a small-town teenager who was raped by the high-school golden boy who is also the Sheriff’s son. When Romy reports the incident not only is she not believed pretty much the whole town turns on her as a liar and ‘trouble’. This book picks up after the event (although it does go into … More All The Rage

Stitching Snow

Stitching Snow is another retelling of Snow White. Essie is the Princess missing from her home planet and hiding on a backwoods mining planet for the last couple of years. A boy looking for treasure crash lands and happens to see her very interesting tattoo. Then it’s off on an adventure to a random world, … More Stitching Snow