Into the Woods

I’ve been waiting forever to see this movie. It was just something I missed in all the craziness and I’ve been looking forward to catching up. If iTunes had released it early I wouldn’t have hesitated to buy it. Thank you iTunes for holding back until I could rent it first. It wasn’t a bad … More Into the Woods

Mistress Firebrand

Mistress Firebrand reminded me of the way over the top flicks my mom sometimes watches. But one where I would make fun of her for watching but not be able to tear myself away from because I’m enjoying it too. Confession- This book is apparently the third in a series called Renegades of Revolution but … More Mistress Firebrand

Through the Woods

I did not watch any movies this week. Instead I watched a two-year old all week for a friend so I have this weird feeling of being totally completely exhausted but yet having gotten nothing done. I am still not ready to be a parent. Still I did manage to finish off a book I had … More Through the Woods

We Are Pirates

There was one person I liked in this whole book or at least I felt sympathy for him. The others? Honestly, they all could have drowned in the San Francisco Bay. I don’t always have to like characters in a book- Gone Girl comes to mind but at least in Gone Girl it felt right somehow … More We Are Pirates

The Last Five Years

 Normally I’m not into musicals. There has to be something about them that’s either slightly off (like Chicago) or they have to be somehow natural (like Moulin Rouge was natural to me because they were all singers and artists in a nightclub like atmosphere). It’s the everyday musicals that I don’t ever get but I thought … More The Last Five Years

I Was Here

First things first this book tells the story of Cody who is left devastated after the suicide of her best friend Meg. Meg’s parents ask Cody to travel down to the college and gather her things. Faced with a thousand questions and no answers she begins researching the life Meg had that she didn’t know … More I Was Here

Random Movie Reviews: if I stay, The Maze Runner & Dracula Untold

   It’s movie Friday!  Which today is going to be nicknamed migraine Friday but that’s a whole other story. I thought about how to put these together but then honestly there’s not that much to say about two of them so I went from my personal least favorite to my favorite of the three (or … More Random Movie Reviews: if I stay, The Maze Runner & Dracula Untold