Everything Everything

Everything Everything Author: Nicola Yoon Genre: YA/ Sick Kids Grade: A Madeline has lived her whole life inside a bubble of her house, her mother, her books and her nurse. She is allergic to everything […]

Throwback: firefly & Serenity

Things I Fan-Girled

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On a Fan Girl scale of 1-10 with 10 being extreme obsession this was a: 6.5

I watched Serenity again for the first time in a while recently. I said to myself it’s late but I’ll just watch the first couple of minutes but it’s Serenity, you can’t stop at a couple of minutes. Then I realized this month it’s been ten years since Serenity opened! Ten years! Where did that time go?

The funny thing is when I went to see the movie with my friend I had never seen Firefly but she couldn’t find anyone else to go with her (they hadn’t seen Firefly either) and I figured I owed her one and she could explain it all to me.

Turned out I absolutely loved the movie even then. I loved the characters. I think it’s possible you can like every character on Serenity.

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“I don’t care what you believe in, just believe in it.” Shepherd Book to Malcolm Reynolds.

Me: (After the movie.) Do you have the DVDs?

Friend: I can bring them to class tomorrow…

Me: But I NEED to watch them tonight!!!

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