Love and Monsters

Love and Monsters Directed By: Michael Matthews Boy the Dog is going to be hard to top on my year end list for Best Character, Smartest Character in a Movie, Best Doggie, Best Actor. Baby Yoda might be runner up for best sidekick this year! Yes I really loved the dog 🙂 It's also strange... Continue Reading →

Already In For A Sequel

The Old Guard (Netflix) Directed By: Gina Prince-Bythewood Every time Merrick came on screen I was so distracted wondering why he looked so familiar and not being able to pull his name. Finally I just gave up and Googled it and turns out he was good old Dudley Dursley! Now we know what he's been... Continue Reading →

Underwater Unexpectedly Engrossing

Underwater Directed By: William Eubank I feel like I'm still in a bit of a movie slump honestly but we were having some mad howling wind the other night and I thought... It's now or never for Underwater and honestly I was surprised by how much I wound up drawn in. We're thrown right into... Continue Reading →

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