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The Love Hypothesis… Good Published Reylo Fic?

When I first saw this cover I was like… Why does he look familiar? And then I thought I was obviously losing it and than I found it The Love Hypothesis started out as a Reylo fanfic and realized okay, yeah…

It’s supposed to be Adam Driver.

And I was suddenly interested. Which is weird cause I love him but I’m not particularly fond of Reylo.

My Fantasy Star Wars Saga Endings

Rey and Kylo in Rise of Skywalker

I was rewatching the Rise of Skywalker and I think elements of the Mandalorian could have perfectly explained the return of the Emperor!

Then I started thinking about my how it should have ended head canons and some fantasy spin-off ideas and thought why not?

Obviously spoilers for the Rise of Skywalker below. Also I’m in the middle on the movie so whether you loved it or hated it this is meant in good fun 🙂 But onto how the Emperor returned!