Run Towards the Danger

A book of essays (or short stories) can be a little hard to get a handle on talking about or recommending. Some always hit harder than others. And some that eh you don't really care for one way or another. That's the case with Run Towards the Danger for me. Luckily the standout essays really... Continue Reading →

My Year Trying Audio Books

So this year for the first time I decided to give audio books a whirl. Generally speaking watching Booktubers and such that's how a lot of people seem to get so much reading done and they tend to rave about the ease of audio books. Not the case for me. I tried several this year... Continue Reading →


Heartless Author: Marissa Meyer Grade: A The origin story for the Queen of Hearts as told by Marissa Meyer! I really enjoyed Meyer's Lunar Chronicles series and I always love Wonderland so this was one of my most anticipated books in 2016. The white cover is an exclusive from November's Owlcrate, which was Alice in... Continue Reading →


Furthermore Author: Tahereh Mafi Grade: A- "Unfold your heart. Sharpen your ears. And never say no to the world when it asks you to dance." There was no way I could resist this beautiful cover. It's an Alice in Wonderland story no less. In this one our hero- Alice - is a girl born without... Continue Reading →

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts Author: Colleen Oakes Genre: YA/Fantasy Grade: A I absolutely love the thought of adventures in Wonderland although recently it's been hit or miss for me. (Alice in Zombieland and After Alice- they did nothing for me.) Luckily the story of  Princess Dinah was a lot more intriguing and fun. The Princess is... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Tuesday: My Favorite Classics

Freebie: My Favorite Classics  Top Ten Tuesdays is a freebie week this week and I've been looking to get back into reading classics. Truth be told I've never had a particular easy time with them. Partly because I never like having things that I "have to" read and partly because of school through the years.  So... Continue Reading →

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