Marvel’s Eternals Gamble

Well we got a teaser trailer for Marvel’s Eternals movie and while I’m not as enthused about this story I am interested that this may be Marvel’s biggest gamble. At least in terms of character origin stories. Plus I want to be enthused I really do.

There’s Something in the Sky

Directed By: Andrew Patterson Okay anything alien related or even just weird and out there and I am in right now. So I had to watch The Vast of Night about a switchboard operator and DJ in small town New Mexico who pick up some strange noises and stumble upon a possible conspiracy.

No This Wasn’t the First

Aliens Directed By: James Cameron SPOILERS! So since Disney owns Fox now that kind of makes Ripley a Princess right? I mean they even call her Sleeping Beauty in this and she does have some of the story traits including a seemingly happy ending.

When to Eat a Friend

Honor Lost I really appreciated this series diversity of relationships and delving into proper use of gender pronouns. But if I ever get violently overtaken by an alien parasite which attaches itself to my brain and brutally, horrifically changes by mind and body and my friend almost immediately starts combining names like were some celebrity … More When to Eat a Friend

Skyward Bound

Skyward By: Brandon Sanderson Brandon Sanderson is one of those authors I’ve always wanted to read but at the same time I look at his books and go, “Man those are long.”  So I’m happy to say Skyward (was long) but totally fun and fast and I will definitely be picking up more of his … More Skyward Bound