The Sea Beast

The Sea Beast is basically about Karl Urban’s character adopting a child by accident. He’s a grumpy monster hunter. She’s an adorable spirited sprite. It goes a lot better than his adoption of Hughie over on The Boys. Or Hughie adopting him? However you want to take it. The one thing I took away from … More The Sea Beast

Things I Hate Seeing In Movies

I’ve been trying to stay positive recently but movies (and books obviously) are my happy place and when something annoys you it just annoys you. Actually this is mostly because I watched Nomadland and while a really good movie it has the number one thing that annoys me…

Aladdin vs. Aladdin

It is very much a goal this year to expand my film watching and that means getting back into the classics I’ve never seen before. So the 1992 version of Aladdin which is on Disney+ seemed like a perfect place to start. And I honestly thought this would be a simple win. I was definitely … More Aladdin vs. Aladdin