It’s Not Easy Making New Friends

a simple favor

A Simple Favor

Directed by: Paul Feig

Grade: A

Forming friendships as adults can be really difficult sometimes. Hard to connect with people life gets in the way of new relationships and so on and so forth. So that’s why it was nice to see Stephanie and Emily’s friendship form in last years A Simple Favor.

Well, not so much but still. I finally watched this after putting it off for ages and it was just as nuts and fun as everyone told me.

So below what to look for in a new adult friend or not to look for depending on how bored you are/how much you value your life.

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Scrappy Little Nobody


Scrappy Little Nobody

Author: Anna Kendrick

Grade: B+

Scrappy Little Nobody was definitely one of my most anticipated books of 2016. I really enjoy Anna Kendrick as an actress and her interviews and Twitter are usually hilarious. In large part because she seems so very relatable.

I think she’s just one of those people who say things that everyone (or at least me) goes, “Yeah, I was thinking it,” or “Hey, that’s just like me…”

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The Accountant


The Accountant

Starring: Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, J.K. Simmons & Jon Bernthal

Grade: A-

Ben Affleck plays Christian Wolff an autistic numbers genius who uncooks books for some very bad people and has attracted the attention of the Treasury Department. Oddly enough it’s when he takes what’s supposed to be a safer more legitimate job that everything goes to hell for him.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Dear Book Genie


Dear Book Genie:

 I have been reading the Top Ten Tuesdays from Broke and Bookish ever since I found them at work but have never managed to remember to do one. Which is insane right? It’s always the same day of the week! However this Tuesday I have some wishes for the Book Genie. I keep it under ten though…

 1. You know how Stephanie Meyer redid Twilight but switched everyone’s gender & that was after E.L. James decided we needed Christian’s POV for another 50 Shades of Grey book? …

      Let’s just nip this trend in the bud right here right now Genie!

 2. Celebrity Books: Anyone getting eight millions dollars for a book is just insane unless you bring back Shakespeare or something and I say that as someone whose counting down the days until Anna Kendrick’s book appears.

      Celebrity Book Suggestions Genie: Taylor Swift Cookbook, Karlie Kloss Lifestyle Book, Amy, Tina & Mindy teaming up to write a children’s book? 

      Yep, I’d buy them all.

3. Why does everything have to be a series now Genie? Maybe just take all the scheduled series and cut them in half and make them stand alone books? That would be awesome Book Genie!

 And yes Genie probably the most obvious book wish of all…

 4. Winds of Winter- The season six show spoilers have me worried for the first time about where the book may be headed! I’m hanging on by a thread here with this series so anytime you’re ready Genie/Mr. Martin… I’ll even take a release date for the time being.


The Last Five Years


 Normally I’m not into musicals. There has to be something about them that’s either slightly off (like Chicago) or they have to be somehow natural (like Moulin Rouge was natural to me because they were all singers and artists in a nightclub like atmosphere). It’s the everyday musicals that I don’t ever get but I thought somehow my love for Anna Kendrick would make The Last Five Years different.

 5 minutes in: Okay, this is good. Good start. I can do this.

 20 minutes: This is a lot of singing.

 40 minutes: Please stop singing for a little while!

 1 hour: If you stopped singing and talked to each other maybe you could work out some of your problems!

 1 1/2 hours: The final song was good but by then they were all running together.

 I don’t think I would have been big on this one even without the singing. Jamie and Cathy meet, they fall in love, he sells a novel without even blinking (which personally did not endear him to me.) Meanwhile struggling actress Cathy can’t catch a break and it’s pretty easy to know what’s coming for this relationship.

 It might have been personal bias but I couldn’t ever connect with Jamie like I did Cathy and Kendrick is just so charming that you really feel for her. She makes you feel Cathy’s struggle. Besides the first and final number none of the music really stood out to me except for some scenes where I thought it overpowered everything else and not in a good way.

 Recommend: This is one of those cup of tea movies if you like theatre style musicals you should give this a try. Check out a preview and you’ll probably know if this is your type of movie or not. I like my musicals big, dreamy and over the top so I will be wildly looking forward to finally getting to see Into the Woods soon.