We Are Only the Ants: Roadside Picnic

Roadside Picnic By: Arkady and Boris Strugatsky What if we finally got visited by aliens but the most important event in or history was simply an intergalactic roadside picnic for the aliens? They don't even bother with us ants. They just pull over have some fun for a couple of hours and leave a mess... Continue Reading →

Spring Favs and Recommendations

This is a bit of a Spring Favorites/Spring recommendations tag. I did a Winter one here and hoped to do it seasonally. So yeah for keeping up. I know technically there's a bit of time left for Spring but honestly once we hit Memorial Day it's summer (and I'm already looking forward to Fall.) I'm combining books,... Continue Reading →

A Strangely Beautiful Trip to Area X

Annihilation Directed by: Alex Garland Grade: A- I'm not going to lie- if I was married to Oscar Issac and some weird place did something weird and was possibly killing him- I'd probably brave it to try to save him. Annihilation is based on the Jeff Vandermeer Southern Reach trilogy. After her husband comes back... Continue Reading →

Deadly Flying Bears & Creepy Motherhood

Borne By: Jeff Vandermeer Grade: A A giant flying and deadly bear called Mord. Rampaging biotech left over from the company that brought it all about. Radioactive rain and rivers. Half-buried astronauts. A magician... and it all gets somehow weirder when a scavenger called Rachel finds a strange creature living in Mord's fur. She gathers... Continue Reading →

Exciting Things in 2018

As 2018 is right around the corner I wanted to do a post on some of the books, movies and films I'm totally looking forward to in the coming year! This list is not inclusive as things are obviously being added all the time... 2018 Books There's laundry lists of new releases coming but some... Continue Reading →

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