The Menu

Honestly I fully expected I was going to like The Menu. I put it on a list of Most Anticipated Films! And Anya Taylor- Joy… I pretty much enjoy everything she’s been in. I didn’t expect that I was going to LOVE The Menu and have it in my top 5 2022 films overall of … More The Menu

Last Night In Soho

There’s something about Matt Smith where he just seems like yeah he could be a nice guy or he could be completely sinister it’s a character toss up. It’s actually something I think Anya Taylor-Joy shares with him… Could be an angel? Might be a demon? And they help make Last Night in Soho a … More Last Night In Soho

Summer Reading Wrap-Up

The last bit of my summer reading has been a big old hm… or even a what the hell? But I thought I’d share a wrap-up in case anyone else was interested in these books. Or in case anyone has read In Watermelon Sugar and can explain it to me 🙂

March Was Strange Reading

I decided to try some poetry starting with an audio book of Lana del Rey’s Violet Bent Backward Over the Grass and I actually really enjoyed it which is strange because I wouldn’t say I’ve ever been big on her music. But March was a strange month.

Mostly Happy Upcoming Events

I’m going to ignore the Tatiana Maslany news in order to keep all upcoming news happy this week! Besides several people have reminded me that Marvel can be super weird and she might not be able to confirm her casting until there’s an official announcement. So I’m still crossing fingers there…