The Secret Garden Was Not What I Thought

The Secret Garden By: Frances Hodgson Burnett I always thought this book was a portal world fantasy. Girl finds secret door goes through into magic other-world garden with fairies. Boy was I wrong about that! It's more like poorly parented and then orphaned (and racist) brat Mary moves to England with Uncle finds an old... Continue Reading →

Talking to Strangers

Talking to Strangers By: Malcolm Gladwell Might as well start off nonfiction November with the one I read in October. I'm fascinated (and often confused) by communication period. But especially on social media and how that changes our ability to communicate with each other. Talking to Strangers deals on a person to person basis not... Continue Reading →

Discworld Does Hollywood

Moving Pictures Discworld #10 The geniuses of Discworld are getting into Hollywood- or because this is Discword Holy Wood. And perhaps due to the subject matter for me it was one of the more fun and relatable Discworld novels. We follow along with failed magic student Victor as he becomes a star of the new... Continue Reading →

The Execution Kills the Emotion

Milkman By: Anna Burns Grade: C Milkman is the second of the Man Booker Long-Listed Books that I picked up and much like Sabrina I just don't think this one was for me. Although on this one I have to say based on execution that may be true for a lot of people. Where this book worked... Continue Reading →

My Year Trying Audio Books

So this year for the first time I decided to give audio books a whirl. Generally speaking watching Booktubers and such that's how a lot of people seem to get so much reading done and they tend to rave about the ease of audio books. Not the case for me. I tried several this year... Continue Reading →

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