Mandalorian Finale Predications

Spoilers for the season up to this point! Both times The Mandalorian has taken his helmet off in this show I've feel like a scream of happiness that he did and also really guilty that I was looking at his face. Good work show. Let's talk my finale predications! And I wouldn't put any money... Continue Reading →

What Jedi will Answer the Call?

Spoilers for Episode 5 of the Mandalorian: The Jedi So in this episode Ahsoka sends Din and Grogu to a Jedi Temple and tells him sit the kid on a stone and he'll make his own decision and perhaps one of the remaining Jedi will answer his call and presumably come and train him up.... Continue Reading →

Mando Meets a Marshall

Spoilers for Episode One of Season Two Mando to Timothy Olyphant's Cobb: Take if off or I'll take it off for you. Me: Finally Disney Star Wars content for me!!! Cobb: We going to do this in front of the kid? Me: Send him back outside! Well if Disney can do Mando Monday's I can... Continue Reading →

The Season 2 Trailer Is Out!

We finally got a trailer for season 2 of The Mandalorian! I don't think it reveals a lot but there are some great shots in here and of course the most important thing... The Child being precious and smarter than the average bear. We also don't see any of the big name guest stars save... Continue Reading →

Fall’s Upcoming Goodies

Summer is finally over! I mean I'm trying to think on the bright side here in California as temps are still off the charts and movie theaters around me are still closed as well as the many other disasters my state (and life) is currently going through. At least we still have entertainment and there's... Continue Reading →

The Yoda Species Theory & A Wishlist

Okay so seeing as how it's Comic-Con at home this month (finally one I can afford!) and a Mandalorian Season 2 trailer should be forthcoming I thought I'd share my wishes for season 2 and my theory on why the Yoda species is so unknown seemingly throughout the galaxy. Basically I think they started out... Continue Reading →

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