Who’s Your Batgirl Pick? *Updated

The shortlist of actresses for the new Batgirl movie is out and as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl is one of my top DC characters (and we're never getting a live-action Ivy) I can tell you who I most want is... A new screenwriter for the film. But we're stuck with Christina Hobson and just fingers crossed she... Continue Reading →

A Few Good Batgirls

I've been a fan of Batgirl for a while. Loved the version on Harley Quinn been waiting with baited breath (and admittedly less and less hope) for a good live-action version. And recently did some comic readings one Cassandra Cain (and Barbara) and one Barbara and they were all worth it! Shadow of the Batgirl... Continue Reading →

Batgirl of Burnside Vol. 1

Batgirl of Burnside Author: Cameron Stewart & Brenden Fletcher Genre: Superhero Grade: A I kind of have a crush on her. Barbara Gordon/Batgirl is actually one that I went into knowing the famous backstory which is dealt with a bit near the end of this graphic novel. I really enjoyed this one overall. Batgirl has... Continue Reading →

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