Why We Need the Bat Fam!

Image from HBO Max The cancellation of Batgirl is a bummer for me. I really like the cast and what I've seen of the directors other work has made me really excited. Granted it's written by Christina Hodson my mortal screenwriting comic book movie entity. But that's a whole other story. Anyway the bigger picture... Continue Reading →

Who’s Your Batgirl Pick? *Updated

The shortlist of actresses for the new Batgirl movie is out and as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl is one of my top DC characters (and we're never getting a live-action Ivy) I can tell you who I most want is... A new screenwriter for the film. But we're stuck with Christina Hobson and just fingers crossed she... Continue Reading →

A Few Good Batgirls

I've been a fan of Batgirl for a while. Loved the version on Harley Quinn been waiting with baited breath (and admittedly less and less hope) for a good live-action version. And recently did some comic readings one Cassandra Cain (and Barbara) and one Barbara and they were all worth it! Shadow of the Batgirl... Continue Reading →

Tweaking Birds of Prey: Spoilers!

I really enjoyed it Birds of Prey when it came out last month. Still do. Bought it immediately when it was available and watched everything and honestly that only reinforced my biggest issue with the movie. Besides Harley it needed stronger characters. (Spoilers!) Perhaps that's a little harsh. I did like Black Canary and think... Continue Reading →

Batgirl of Burnside Vol. 1

Batgirl of Burnside Author: Cameron Stewart & Brenden Fletcher Genre: Superhero Grade: A I kind of have a crush on her. Barbara Gordon/Batgirl is actually one that I went into knowing the famous backstory which is dealt with a bit near the end of this graphic novel. I really enjoyed this one overall. Batgirl has... Continue Reading →

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