Why We Need the Bat Fam!

Image from HBO Max The cancellation of Batgirl is a bummer for me. I really like the cast and what I've seen of the directors other work has made me really excited. Granted it's written by Christina Hodson my mortal screenwriting comic book movie entity. But that's a whole other story. Anyway the bigger picture... Continue Reading →

Ranking Batman Movies (So Far)

Since we are fast approaching The Batman, one of my most anticipated films of the year, I thought hey, let's rank all the other Batman movies I've seen and then we can see where this one falls! I am just judging the films I've seen in my lifetime (sorry Adam West! I'm not big on... Continue Reading →

Sorry Catwoman Heroes Don’t Do that

So it's making the rounds now that DC asked the makers of Harley Quinn (the brilliant animated show on HBO Max) to cut a scene of Batman having oral sex with Catwoman because 'heroes don't do that...' Which is probably why the DC villains gallery is so much better 🙂 I just found it interesting... Continue Reading →

The Recut Justice League

There's a mini music video in the new Justice League cut where Jason Momoa slow-mos it down a dock to stare shirtless at the crashing ocean waves. And we stare at his chest... I mean his face and lovely eyes while his hair just perfectly gets all tossed around and the music plays on and... Continue Reading →

The Fall or Never TBR

I sometimes set myself seasonal TBR's and Fall is always a good time to read certain books. Give me some good mysteries and thrillers on the days it gets dark earlier cause. Also give me some easier reads cause Fall is usually a busy time. So I thought I'd share some of the books on... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Joker

Joker Directed By: Todd Phillips A lot has already been written dissected and yelled about this deep dive into the psyche of the Joker. Some interesting topics like art, censorship, the cultural responsibility of artists, violence in films, etc are involved. Not to mention why the yelling over this particular film and not countless other... Continue Reading →

Justice League: Spoilers!

Justice League Directed By: Zack Snyder Grade: B Expectations were somewhere in the middle considering all the behind the scenes stuff that went on with this movie. When I couldn't see it this weekend I started hearing it had bombed because it made under a hundred million. Really? I mean the movie itself had some... Continue Reading →


Usually I don't get attached to new television shows as I figure they aren't going to last past the time it takes them to iron out any kinks and get good. Broke my rule with Gotham on Fox which I'm really loving. In fact three episodes in and its the only show I'm managing to... Continue Reading →

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