Noelle & Santa Bill

Noelle Directed by: Marc Lawrence I like the whole cast of Noelle and if I'm going to watch a Christmas movie it better be somewhat at the North Pole. So no I'm not going to admit that I may have signed up for an entire streaming service just to see Bill Hader play a Santa... Continue Reading →

September Ends at Last

September is finally ending. Generally speaking it's always been one of my least favorite months. Miserable heat while everyone else gets to start Fall (so it seems) and always without fail endless sinus infections and migraines that make a meeting with Pennywise look like a pleasant alternative. Yeah, I am obviously ready for October. Movie... Continue Reading →

It Chapter 2: Thoughts & Spoilers

It Chapter 2 Directed By: Andy Muschietti Stephen King is well-known for not always sticking the landings as they say. It is probably a big part of that. The film makes fun of that as well teasing writer Bill that no one likes his endings. Overall I have to say I enjoyed the film. Lots... Continue Reading →

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