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What If? Parties, Disrespect and Spoilers

So possibly controversial What If? Opinion but episode 7 Party Thor was my total favorite. I mean everyone was happy (well not Maria or Nick) Carol and Thor was the second fight this series gave me that I never knew I needed to see.

Loki was living his best life and really if this is how the world ends with a planet wide party it’s better than what we’re probably going to get right?

Black Widow’s Best Moments

Scarlett Johanssen in Black Widow

If we weren’t currently living in the twilight zone at the time this is published I should have been sitting in a movie theater finally, finally watching the Black Widow movie… and wondering how long until they break Russian Daddy Hopper out of prison already.

Natasha Romanoff has been an important part of the MCU over the years and the movie is long over due but until then I thought I’d compile her Best Moments!