My First Die Hard

Die Hard Directed By: John McTiernan Grade: A- Die Hard was my Blind Spot movie for November because I am in a very weird holiday mood. It was Die Hard or Krampus. But this… this turned out to be a good pick. Not sure I’d classify it as a Christmas movie as much as some … More My First Die Hard

Finally Mulan!

Mulan Directed By: Tony Bancroft and Barry Cook Grade: A I watched Mulan for the first time ever this month and I’m using it for my Blindspot Series for September even though it wasn’t on my list! I was more than a little excited to see this one (and a couple of other Disney animated … More Finally Mulan!

Not My Kind of Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel Directed By: Wes Anderson Grade: D For me the entire purpose of doing the Blind Spot series was to watch movies I wouldn’t otherwise. Films I had been interested in one way or another but would put off, push to the background and not bother with while watching the latest blockbuster. Mostly … More Not My Kind of Hotel