Wait, Did I Read That? Do I Want to Read That?

Books of a Lifetime

Me: Pride and Prejudice… Check. I’ve read that.

Brain: Wait a minute.

Me: What? I’ve read it.

Brain: You sure?

Me: I remember every scene.

Brain: Delete Colin Firth from the equation.

Me: … Well, crap. Now I don’t know.

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Books for Jury Duty

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 5.05.21 PM
Harley Quinn reads…

So I have jury duty next week which isn’t that big a deal. Last time I had to go in I wound up sitting in a chair for eight hours reading. Fun for me! Mostly it’s another excuse to go to the bookstore and pick myself up a good read (or two) to take with me.

My bookstore however didn’t have what I was looking for even though it said that they did in inventory on-line but that’s just generally how they go. I wound up looking for books that just caught my eye or things I hadn’t heard of and I had a lot more fun & think I have some pretty good options…

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