The Project

The Project was one of my most anticipated reads this year. One of my all time favorite authors and two of my favorite book subjects: sister relationships and cults. And in the grand old expectation game I came away kind of cold. Nothing hitting like I expected it to.

Is it Greedy to Want More?

Clap When You Land By: Elizabeth Acevedo I love the idea of books in verse and they are fun fast reads but when I’m done with them (especially the Acevedo ones) I’m usually left with the feeling of wanting more. And Clap When You Land is no different.

What Would You Do?

My Sister, the Serial Killer By: Oyinkan Braithwaite Grade: A At what point do you realize there might be a problem? That your sibling might actually be a serial killer? That maybe not all these guys where not abusive assholes trying to kill her who helpfully turned around to let her stab them in the … More What Would You Do?