Ariadne: A Beach Read Myth Retelling

I must admit I only really knew the story of Ariadne through who she's connected to. Mainly the Minotaur (not one I ever really knew either) and Daedalus and Icarus. So when I picked this book up thinking to just try a chapter I was drawn in fast. It's a pretty readable book. Ariadne is... Continue Reading →

The Project

The Project was one of my most anticipated reads this year. One of my all time favorite authors and two of my favorite book subjects: sister relationships and cults. And in the grand old expectation game I came away kind of cold. Nothing hitting like I expected it to. The book follows two sisters after... Continue Reading →

Remember the Get Out Part

The first line of the synopsis of One of the Good Ones is that it's a cross between The Hate U Give and Get Out. Well I blanked or forgot about the Get Out part by the time I got around to reading the arc because I was completely knocked for a loop in a... Continue Reading →

A Story for the Deathless Girls

The Deathless Girls By: Kiran Millwood Hargrave Lil and Kizzy are twin sisters on the verge of their divining day (having their futures told) when they find their camp attacked by soldiers families killed and the survivors taken and forced into slavery. The twins find themselves working in the Boyar's kitchen and learning that the... Continue Reading →

Agnes At The End of the World

Agnes at the End of the World By: Kelly McWilliams I'm a little torn on Agnes because for most of this book I was honestly LOVING it. Yes capitalized I was that into it. It has everything I love in books. Two strong sister POV's struggling with their place in the world and each other... Continue Reading →

Is it Greedy to Want More?

Clap When You Land By: Elizabeth Acevedo I love the idea of books in verse and they are fun fast reads but when I'm done with them (especially the Acevedo ones) I'm usually left with the feeling of wanting more. And Clap When You Land is no different. Camino lives in the Dominican Republic where... Continue Reading →

What Would You Do?

My Sister, the Serial Killer By: Oyinkan Braithwaite Grade: A At what point do you realize there might be a problem? That your sibling might actually be a serial killer? That maybe not all these guys where not abusive assholes trying to kill her who helpfully turned around to let her stab them in the... Continue Reading →

The Witch that Could Have Been…

The Witch of Willow Hall By: Hester Fox Grade: C Available: October 2nd After thinking about this book for a while it's most like an origin story for a witch when said witch is the least interesting character. Also a love story. Also not that interesting. *Netgalley kindly provided me with a copy of the... Continue Reading →

Blood Magic, Sisters & Blackmail

Rule By: Ellen Goodlett Grade: A- The ill King brings his 3 illegitimate daughters to court to train them and pick one to be his heir. Said daughters all have secrets and launched into a court on edge they have to work together to survive and find out whose blackmailing them. I received this copy... Continue Reading →

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