Best Quotes of 2019 Part 1

So thanks to a reading planner I have actually managed to keep track of a good number of great and favorite quotes from the films and shows I've watched and the books I've read. I didn't keep them in any kind of order so it's staying a bit of a hodge podge hence the best... Continue Reading →

Most Likely To: The Avengers Edition

In honor of this weeks big release & because I was looking it up anyway I thought I'd play a little game of Most Likely To Avengers Edition! I've never played the game before so I borrowed these questions specifically from Lifehacks website. Most Likely to Be a Drama Queen: There were a couple that could have... Continue Reading →

Captain America Civil War

Captain America: Civil War Starring: Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr. & Sebastian Stan... Directed: the Russo Brothers Grade: A This one was so much better than Age of Ultron! This film is pretty straight forward. The destruction from the last several movies lead into the governments of the world wanting to basically have the Avengers... Continue Reading →


Ant-Man 3/5 Stars This was a hard one but I finally thought just right up the middle of the road. Entertaining. Average. Seen it all before except the ants. And I really, really liked the ants. I said on my other blog that Paul Rudd is absolutely effortless and Michael Douglas is as smooth as... Continue Reading →

Avengers: Age of Ultron

(Small plot spoilers in here though I try to stay away from any of the big spoilers.) This movie felt long. Not in one of those this movie is long ways (though it is) but actually my body is starting to hurt from sitting here is this going to end any time soon kind of... Continue Reading →

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