The Over 30 Tag

Elsa from Frozen

Well past it actually. But having put another year under my belt recently I saw this tag on A Book Olive and though it would be fun. And honestly it’s probably been 30 years since I’ve done a tag.

The original tag was created by Ink Not Blood.

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Amy, Cat & Sansa: My Favorite Unpopular Characters

Florence Pugh as Amy March

It was a surprise to me during the run-up to the recent movie when I heard Amy March was an unpopular/controversial character amongst Little Women fans. I thought why?

And then I was thinking you’re a card-carrying member of the Catelyn and Sansa Stark fan club (books anyway) and the three characters actually have a lot in common with each other that I think makes them unfairly divisive.

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Rereading Thrones: You Should Never Leave Winterfell

game of thrones

I started a A Song of Ice and Fire reread project because in my head for some reason I’m convinced if I take my time when I finish Dance of Dragons Martin will announce the long awaited Winds of Winter.

I know right?

Plus I just really wanted to reread the books. However rereading Thrones was a bit odd.

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Friendsgiving Invitations: Top 5 Wednesday

the avengers team up for friendsgiving

So this weeks Top 5 Wednesday Topic is the Top 5 Characters You’d Invite for Friendsgiving and this really depends on what kind of Friendsgiving do you want to have.

Do you want a party? Peace and quiet? Someone else to do all the work while you spend the day reading? (Yes.) All my book boyfriends?  To many decisions! This is why I never host dinner!

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Random Book Reviews

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 My mind this week had a visiting migraine take up vacation residence for three days so as well as being in vast amounts of pain my focus has been about as good as dust floating through the air. Eyes hurt. Head killing me. Still need to read something. So I had three totally random books- one for fun, one for writing and one that I have a love hate relationship with much like the show on which it’s based.

 Dreams for Dummies was an interesting read. I don’t really remember my dreams and I really hope they’re not as literal as some of the interpretations in here. But the book did explain some ideas about how you could maybe, maybe train yourself to dream in certain ways and get certain responses. None of them have worked for me yet but I have pinpointed that how I wake up might be the problem. Also the interpretations aren’t really surprising. If you dream about an accident be careful. I did like that dreaming about a lamb might either mean you want a child or a deeper friendship.

 You really should be sure about that before you move on.

 Little X-Men Big Trouble was a total splurge based on the first story (which is good because the rest of them were not all that good to rambling messes.) In the first story little Cyclops steals Becky Bear from little Captain America and it’s war.

 Cutest thing ever! I know there are rights issues to the movie versions of the adult characters but they really need to like animate this or something because I would so watch it.

 Then Game of Thrones Behind the Scenes of the HBO Series for Seasons 3 and 4. I should have seen it coming. I watched the show like a fiend for the first two seasons but I started to have real problems with it in season three and then last season, I don’t know. It just felt emotionless. Cold. Boring. The Behind the Scenes is okay. The pictures are beautiful- if you’re already a fan you probably have it. If you know someone that loves the show it’s a great gift idea. But there was only one thing new in it and I should have known considering treatment of her character was one of my biggest issues with season three.

 There’s an entire page devoted to a very in-depth shooting schedule which is very impressive. Pretty much every character is named including Jon Arryn who’d been dead since the pilot and then down at the very, very bottom I see in orange…


  “Robb and Mother are apologizing to Walder and his daughters.”

  Catelyn Stark didn’t even get named on the production list. A dead guy did. Walder did. Catelyn? Hell, no! She’s not even and his mother. She’s just mother. It made me so mad and then made me think of all the problems I had with season three that I actually had to put the book aside for a couple of days.  Catelyn deserved so much better than the writing she got but that’s a whole other rant.


 These are pretty personal opinion kind of books. If you’re into that sort of thing you’re going to like them if you don’t already have them. I enjoyed Dreams for Dummies, loved the first story enough that I would recommend Little Avengers and X-Men and the Game of Thrones thing… Well, I have issues with it but it doesn’t mean someone else might not enjoy it.