The Flight Attendant

Meet Cassie Bowden: She drinks and makes terrible decisions and then she drinks some more to help her get through her terrible decisions. And I have to say I think Kaley Cuoco was perfect for this role because in other hands she might be maddening but I actually... love her. I mean The Flight Attendant... Continue Reading →

Fable: Been There, Read That

Fable By: Adrienne Young I suppose I should preface this by saying 1. I did like the book while reading it or at least didn't find anything particularly bad about it. 2. I probably wouldn't write a review if this wasn't an ARC. And speaking of thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for a copy... Continue Reading →

Good Idea Wrong Characters

The Furies By: Katie Lowe Dark school days seems all the rage right now right? And I'm always down for some witchy Craft vibes. The Furies was strong in a lot of ways but I think it followed the wrong main characters. Our main girl Violet is starting a new school after suffering a horrible... Continue Reading →

Sadie’s Journey

Sadie By: Courtney Summers Grade: A- "I can't take another dead girl." "We have more story than time to tell it- but I suppose that's true for all of us." I received Sadie from Netgalley in exchange for an honest opinion. Sadie has lived for and cared for her sister Mattie since the day she... Continue Reading →

The Wild Girl

The Wild Girl Author: Kate Forsyth Genre: Real People Grade: A I just want to give upfront trigger warnings for sexual abuse, child abuse and rape. The Wild Girl is the story of Dortchen Wild, a young girl living with her parents and her sisters in Hesse-Cassel when Napoleon was rampaging his way through Europe.... Continue Reading →

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