No This Wasn’t the First

Aliens Directed By: James Cameron SPOILERS! So since Disney owns Fox now that kind of makes Ripley a Princess right? I mean they even call her Sleeping Beauty in this and she does have some of the story traits including a seemingly happy ending. I say seemingly because somehow after Scott and Cameron kept things... Continue Reading →

DNF’ing M*A*S*H (1970)

M*A*S*H Directed By: Robert Altman If you had told me that M*A*S*H would be a classic film that I wouldn't even be able to finish I would have called you nuts. I grew up watching reruns of the show and for some reason always assumed that naturally I'd love the 1970 film it was based... Continue Reading →

Aladdin vs. Aladdin

It is very much a goal this year to expand my film watching and that means getting back into the classics I've never seen before. So the 1992 version of Aladdin which is on Disney+ seemed like a perfect place to start. And I honestly thought this would be a simple win. I was definitely... Continue Reading →

My Top 3 Jaws Scenes

I rewatched Jaws recently. I had been wanting to for a while but seeing as how its Shark Week I thought hey fortuitous timing! Honestly the film still holds up. It has been awhile since I've seen it. Though Googling tells me I have a shockingly good hold on the shark and "other things that... Continue Reading →

9 to 5: Still Sadly Relevant

9 to 5 Directed By: Colin Higgins Grade: B+ 9 to 5 was my Blind Spot pick for January. Mainly because I wanted to watch something funny and low-key because I've had that song in my head off and on since Dumplin' in December! The film is about three overworked harassed women (Jane Fonda, Dolly... Continue Reading →

Blind Spot Series 2019 Edition

   The Blind Spot series is a great excuse to watch some of the movies that I have perpetually put off for well, always. The series was originally started by Ryan at The Matinee and is also run by Sofia at Returning Videotapes One thing I did learn last year was I can not stick to a... Continue Reading →

Please Pass the Parachute

Airplane! Directed By: Jerry Zucker, David Zucker & Jim Abrahams Grade: D Airplane! was my Blind Spot pick for July and first of all I want to say that humor is different for everyone. Plus I really did try to think of this movie (like all of them) in the context of its time period... Continue Reading →

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