How Can Cupcakes be So Annoying?

Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe By: Jenny Colgan Grade: D+ Honestly, no book about cupcakes and bakeries should ever have annoyed me so much. Unless it was people trying to convince me that I’m wrong about not liking red velvet cupcakes. That annoys me. But still not as much as this book did.

The Unlikelies

The Unlikelies By: Carrie Firestone Grade: B+ Sadie Sullivan is expecting a boring summer as all her friends have graduated and gone onto other things and she’s left behind. That all changes when Sadie steps into save a child in distress and becomes a hometown hero who joins up with the other heroes and actually … More The Unlikelies


Startup By: Doree Shafrir Grade: C This book about startup tech companies in New York, reporting, and sexual harassment was a Book of the Month club pick from back in April. I liked the ideas in Startup but the story falls flat and if this is supposed to be a character piece- well, they don’t help … More Startup