Derry Girls Meets Stephanie Plum

Teenage Bounty Hunters Netflix It's like Derry Girls meets the Stephanie Plum novels and just as fun. I originally saw this on the excellent TV Fanatic Blog and had to give it a go. I'm glad I saw the review first because the beginning was a little bumpy but in the end I speed through... Continue Reading →

You are Lost: A January Sum-Up

After years of being generally perfect early in December WordPress started giving me trouble mainly with leaving Likes but occasionally with comments. It's been really all over the place and I haven't had a great deal of time to get a handle on that. But then the other night I was dreaming and I was... Continue Reading →

Derry Girls is an Instant Favorite

Derry Girls Created and Written by: Lisa McGee So I went into Derry Girls on Netflix knowing nothing about it save Netflix thought I'd like it based on previous choices and Twitter thought subtitles might be necessary. I wound up flying through all six episodes in no time! Its one of the funniest most entertaining... Continue Reading →

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