The Disappearances

the disappearances

The Disappearances

By: Emily Bain Murphy

Grade: A-

A family tragedy and World War 2 forces Aila and her younger brother back to her mother’s hometown to live with her childhood friend. But Sterling is not your regular town. Every seven years something has disappeared. Not small somethings either. Stars. Reflections. Dreams. Aila arrives right in time for the next disappearance and begins to wonder about her mother’s connection to the disappearances.

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Author: Lucy Keating

Genre: YA/Fantasy

Grade: B

I knew I had to read this one from the moment I saw the Amazon blurb comparing it to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Alice has been dreaming about Max since she was a little girl. Even now the dreams are fun, fantastical versions of reality, where she can float on a Cheerio or slide down her stairs because the walls and anything that can harm her is a cushion. You kind of get the gist with the dreams pretty quickly.

All that changes when she walks into a new school and realizes Max is a living breathing boy and the dreams are now blurring into both their realities and Alice has to find out what’s really happening before potentially losing her sanity.

I liked most of this book. It’s a good story. A good idea and I thought Alice and Max were pretty relatable characters. The why this is happening part of the story is pretty interesting as well. And I really did like the dream element. So much YA feels like other worlds or fake past Kingdoms but the dreaming world was a nice change.

Yet it lacked the edge of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and (for me at least) only skirted the depth. (Seriously, I originally tried to get this from my local Barnes and Noble in the YA section and when I couldn’t find it they told me they had stocked it in Children’s for some reason.)

The resolution felt a little bit… anti-climatic. As to Alice and Max I think a big problem for me was if this was a movie I would have said, “little to no chemistry between the two leads.” Seriously, I liked her better with other characters. I definitely needed a reason to feel like they should be together in real life other than the dream fact.

So all in all a good story, relatable characters and an interesting idea but overall left me feeling a little disappointed.

 Recommend: Yes. It didn’t quite meet my expectations for reason’s stated above but it was still an enjoyable read.