Puddin’ Left Me Torn

Puddin' By: Julie Murphy I have been sitting on a Puddin' review for a month (which I have never waited so long on anything involving actual pudding ever) and despite multiple tries I've never felt like it was right. And I don't know why because there is a lot to say about this sequel to... Continue Reading →

Zodiac Sign Recommendations: Aquarius

Well the Aquarius sign holds a special place in my heart. It's traits include: true bohemian, logic combined with creativeness, a concern for the underdog and human rights. They are also gifted communicators, team players and full of great humor. But full of contradictions (like most people.) So I tried to pick the recommendations that... Continue Reading →

Dumplin’, Friendship & Growing Up

Dumplin' Directed By: Anne Fletcher Grade: B+ Dumplin' is based on the Julie Murphy book of the same name and is showing on Netflix. Which is generally having a good run of YA adaptations. It's about Willowdean Dixon a plus size girl who as form of protest (and grief) joins her mother's beloved beauty pageant... Continue Reading →


Dumplin' Author: Julie Murphy Genre: YA Grade: B+ I have seen this one all over the place the last couple of weeks getting a lot of press and a lot of great reviews. So I was really excited to read it. In this kind of situation there is really only one question... Does it live... Continue Reading →

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