The New Dune Trailer!

There’s a new Dune trailer at long last!!! And it’s so pretty. I mean it provides so much to chew over including the fact despite some major push back from the director it’s still day and date for HBOMax on October 22…

Fear is the Mind Killer

Dune By: Frank Herbert An epic novel with a complicated mother figure? A space witch of sorts sold to a powerful Duke for breeding who falls madly in love with him and therefore screws up the breeding plans… Yeah I bet you can guess my favorite character.

Bummer News & Dragons

I admit it’s a bit hard to do a happy looking forward when the news seems either in flux or just plain bad. And that’s not even taking into account the disastrous real world news these days. In the first bit of (unsurprising news) I will not be spending this Christmas with Oscar and Jason.