Who Doesn’t Like Stuff?

The Bling Ring Directed By: Sofia Coppola Grade: C- The best part about this movie was the stuff. The Bling Ring is my pick forĀ The Blind Spot SeriesĀ for February. I kind of had some trouble picking this month because I didn't want something heavy. (I've been trying to catch up on the heavy Oscar movies... Continue Reading →

The Circle

The Circle Directed by: James Ponsoldt Grade: B- Mae Holland (Emma Watson) gets the job of a lifetime working for a cutting edge tech company called The Circle. She's only there for like a week before her life is immeasurably better. They have concerts and yoga and health care for her parents. It's the perfect... Continue Reading →

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Directed by: Bill Condon Grade: A I have seen both versions of Beauty and the Beast now and I can't help but think Belle is always disappointed when the beast turns back into a man. Hell, I actually think the animated version did a better job of hiding it than this... Continue Reading →

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