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House of the Dragon Straight to Series

jon and dany in the iron throne

So we’re definitely getting House of the Dragon¬†which is the Targaryen prequel to Game of Thrones that has been talked about for a while. If you’ve read Fire and Blood or know anything about the history… well the family is a mess but quiet honestly more interesting than these two screw-ups so I’m excited!

It also means lets all find our favorite blondes and start fan-casting!

Older, Aching & Not Ready for Battle: Kings of the Wyld

Kings of the Wyld

Kings of the Wyld

By: Nicholas Eames

A group of middle-aged slightly gone to pot former mercenaries get the band back together to go and rescue one’s daughter in a wild adventure through deadly woods and tangle with all sorts of monsters. Not the least of which is that life didn’t turn out as expected and they’re all falling apart in one way or another.