The Ninth Rain

I actually read this at the end of last year and was really impressed. I wanted to review it right away but when I went to buy the rest of the series (all 3 are out) they weren't available. The one time I'm reasonable with book buying it bite me in the butt. So it... Continue Reading →

Dark Magic & Bad Romance

Serpent and Dove By: Shelby Mahurin Lou is a witch in hiding trying to make it as a thief. Reid is a witch-burning Chasseur. One day after a run in they are forced to wed in a contrivance so ridiculous I spent most of the rest of the book going what the hell? Although at... Continue Reading →

The Women of The Witcher

When The Witcher dropped on Netflix my biggest question was how were the female characters in the show going to fare... As I've mentioned that other big fantasy adaptation- well I pretty much wound up despising every choice they made for the female characters especially. It's still too early to really judge The Witcher after... Continue Reading →

It’s Teenage Tyrion!

Half a King By: Joe Abercrombie Grade: A- Joe Abercrombie was on my list of authors I want to read this year. For some reason he had always made me a bit nervous because I have the impression of long and dense series that will take a while. Half a King came highly recommended however and the... Continue Reading →

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