Vespertine is a Fun Fall Read

Margaret Rogerson is definitely officially on my must read authors list after Vespertine. So far her books are consistently enjoyable with strong stories and great female leads. Vespertine is no different. And though it’s not a stand alone like her other books I think it could easily still work as a stand alone.

Ninth City Burning

Ninth City Burning Author: J. Patrick Black Grade: B+ Five-hundred years after a hostile alien invasion nearly wiped us out our one chance to repel the next attack is to harness and use the power that was unleashed when they arrived. Plus a whole lot of other things going on in a book that includes … More Ninth City Burning


Trick Author: Natalia Jaster Genre: Mature YA Grade: A Trick tells the story of Briar and Poet set in a world where the seasons are separate Kingdoms and while love is often freely given it’s not so much so between the social classes. At peace talks Princess Briar meets and collides with the advisor, and … More Trick

Ink and Bone

Ink and Bone Rachel Caine Genre: YA/Fantasy Grade: B Totally Harry Potter with a big bad library vibe. In Jess’ world not only did the Library of Alexandria survive it’s pretty much thriving and in charge of absolutely everything. They are the police state and it starts with what knowledge we get to have access … More Ink and Bone