Black Widow Finally Gets Her Film

We made it to Black Widow! Finally Natasha Romanoff gets her own movie and also finally... we get to see it! Overall I enjoyed it very much but I can't help but think she deserved a stronger entry into the Marvel canon and also maybe Marvel TV is ruining things for me. SPOILERS BELOW! There... Continue Reading →

Morbius and Oscar Noms

So the Morbius trailer dropped and I must admit I'm more intrigued than I was (which was like maybe 2% so that wasn't hard) but more interested in different movies and the bigger universe. Thoughts while watching the trailer: Jared Harris would make an awesome villain in one of these movies or anti-hero. Now that... Continue Reading →

Midsommar at Last

Midsommar Directed By: Ari Aster Midsommar was one of my most anticipated movies of the year which I promptly missed in theaters so became one of my top 3 must catch up on and I finally managed to! After suffering a horrible tragedy Dani (the amazing Florence Pugh) travels to Sweden with her not great... Continue Reading →

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