Fly Me Over the Edge

fly me

Fly Me

By: Daniel Riley

Grade: C+

You know how in real life when you’re watching a train wreck situation in someone’s choices you may just shake your head and think I can’t believe that? There’s a good and bad side to fictional train wrecks. You don’t feel bad about watching.

But you eventually might think: no- I actually don’t buy that.

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How Not to Do this Tag

batgirl and supergirl

I’m definitely a mood reader but sometimes a person gets overwhelmed by a mood to read all the books at once (and watch all the films) so I’ve long since been looking for an excuse to do the Try a Chapter Book Tag (created by Book Paradise) in order to narrow down my options.

This could also be called: What I’m Currently Reading that I’m almost too Embarrassed to Put on Goodreads, Indecision Queen, How Not to Finish Pride and Prejudice or Perhaps You Missed the Point of this Tag.

But I seriously had the best of intentions!

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Read Me in the Summer!

summer reading recommendations

So I did one of these for Spring I’m not calling it my Summer TBR because that pretty much guarantees that I won’t read them. I am not great at TBR’s so let’s just call them books that scream to be read in the summertime (in my opinion) and hopefully you’ll find something that sounds good to you this summer or anytime really.

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