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Blind Spot Series: Platinum Blonde

jean harlow in platinum blonde

Platinum Blonde

Directed By: Frank Capra

I’ve been wanting to watch a Jean Harlow movie for a while now and considering tragically she didn’t make that many I thought Platinum Blonde was a perfect pick for my May Blind Spot film.

I’ve been familiar with the actress through biographies and at that mainly of Howard Hughes. So it was nice to finally check out some of her work.

Blind Spot Series 2018: It Happened One Night

It Happened One Night

It Happened One Night

Directed By: Frank Capra

Grade: C+

Ellie Andrews decides to run away from her domineering father to meet up with the man she loves in New York. While on the way there she winds up with Clark Gable, a down on his luck reporter, and a series of problems that keep them together longer than they would have expected.

This was my first pick for the Blind Spot Series and a movie I’ve really wanted to watch for a while.