Finlay Donovan: Much Needed Fun

I mean as fun exciting jobs with a lot of freedom goes (unless you get caught of course) accidental hit woman is a good way to go. Especially if you can use the experience to finish your much awaited novel and collect that paycheck. So really you're just killing it all around. I was looking... Continue Reading →

Been There, Don’t Do It

Been There, Married That By: Gigi Levangie I almost DNF'ed this. I probably should have but Been There, Married That is a book to read if you have a lot going on and are looking for something that you have absolutely no emotional investment or even interest in. This book was kindly provided to be... Continue Reading →

The Best Discworld Yet

Wyrd Sisters By: Terry Pratchett Grade: A+ "When you break the rules, break 'em good and hard." Welcome back Granny Weatherwax! The sixth book in the Discworld series brings in three great female characters, several Shakespeare illusions, playing with time and is all about the power of words and stories to shape and change our... Continue Reading →

Mini-Review Wrap-Up: Halloween Reads Edition

Fake Blood By: Whitney Gardner Grade: A I thought I'd do quick mini-reviews of the rest of my "Halloween" reading as I throw myself into non-fiction/sci-fi November because there were some interesting reads. See Fake Blood. Which is completely my kind of relationship drama. Our main character has a crush on a girl obsessed with... Continue Reading →

Death: Discworld Style

Mort By: Terry Pratchett Grade: A Let's take another journey into the mind of Terry Pratchett and the colorful fun Discworld! This time dealing with the serious topic (except its Discworld so don't worry!) of Death. Death takes an apprentice called Boy. Actually his name is Mort... Mort's not a particularly good or bad apprentice... Continue Reading →

Wizards vs. Witches in Equal Rites

Equal Rites By: Terry Pratchett Grade: A A dying wizard passes along his magic staff to the chosen eighth son of an eighth son. Only whoops- someone really should have checked on that first cause the son number eight happens to be a daughter and well, girls can't become wizards! Which after reading about the... Continue Reading →

Dogs, Music & Poetry

The Humans By: Matt Haig Grade: A+ "Your existence is as close to impossible as can be. To dismiss it is to dismiss yourself." The Humans is only the second book I've read by Matt Haig (first being How to Stop Time) and let me tell you he's fast shot up onto my all-time favorite authors... Continue Reading →

More than the Title

Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows By: Balli Kaur Jaswal Grade: A In need of some extra cash Nikki a young bartender/law school dropout takes a job teaching creative writing to Punjabi widows in Southall. They think they are going to be learning English literacy. Despite the mix-up the widows- who run the gamut of ages... Continue Reading →

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