Thoughts on House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon hit it's mid-season and with some pretty big changes to come I thought I'd talk about my thoughts on the first half. Especially since some of my issues can be summed up in episode five alone. Spoiler warning! Overall I'm enjoying the show and I think they are doing a good... Continue Reading →

The Top Creatures of 2019

  My apologies if you have a particular love of like cats and don't want them lumped in with CGI creatures- I do to. Or vice-versa. But I'm lumping them all together with the great performances by animals, CGI creatures of all sorts, and of course one very famous puppet. If not for said puppet... Continue Reading →

Calendar Girls July: Favorite Book OTP!

I've wanted to participate in Calendar Girls for a while now. It's a monthly event run by Katie at Never Not Reading and Adrienne at Darque Dreamer Reads in which you post your favorite choice for the specific topic. My problem is that I am so bad at picking just one anything when it comes to books!... Continue Reading →

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