Last Night In Soho

There's something about Matt Smith where he just seems like yeah he could be a nice guy or he could be completely sinister it's a character toss up. It's actually something I think Anya Taylor-Joy shares with him... Could be an angel? Might be a demon? And they help make Last Night in Soho a... Continue Reading →

Black Water Sister

Black Water Sister was a nice surprise even for a book I was expecting to enjoy I wasn't expecting the full range of emotions and story it took you through. I would also strongly suggest the audio book if you are so inclined. The narrator Catherine Ho was really excellent. Black Water Sister is about... Continue Reading →

Later is Average King

Later is about a boy who can see dead people and who is going to tell you straight up it's not like The Sixth Sense and I think as far as King novels go... it's pretty darned average. It's not bad. It's just there. We follow Jamie who lives with his single mother who runs... Continue Reading →

The Devil and the Dark Water

The Devil and the Dark Water By: Stuart Turton When Old Tom is summoned he whispers to you in the night offers your hearts desire for a bargain. And if you don't bargain? You die. Which seems wildly unfair to me but that's the situation the passengers of our ship find themselves in on their... Continue Reading →

You Can Never Really Leave…

The Sun Down Motel By: Simone St. James Actually you can pretty much do whatever you want at the Sun Down because it's not exactly well-staffed. Maybe the ghosts will check you in? Or out the hard way depending on their moods. In modern times Carly heads to Fell, New York to search for clues... Continue Reading →

Ninth House is Worth a Pledge

Ninth House By: Leigh Bardugo Ninth House was probably my most anticipated book of the year. It's one of my favorite authors making the jump from YA to Adult. Although I admit I find that line really blurred already especially in Bardugo's case. Strong but flawed heroine, ghosts, magic, creepy towns and an ages old... Continue Reading →

The Tenth Girl Blog Tour!

The Tenth Girl By: Sara Faring I was lucky enough to receive a copy of The Tenth Girl in order to participate in the Fantastic Flying Book Club Tour! I was very much looking forward to this read so thanks to them for the opportunity! Mavi is fleeing to a new life when she's offered employment... Continue Reading →

City of Ghosts vs. Small Spaces

City of Ghosts By: Victoria Schwab Grade: B After a near death experience Cassie (the daughter of paranormal investigators no less) is able to make contact with ghosts. In fact she has a ghost sidekick friend. This isn't that much of a big deal in America but she soon learns her parents will be touring... Continue Reading →

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