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Zodiac Sign Recommendations: Aquarius

zodiac sign book recommendations

Well the Aquarius sign holds a special place in my heart. It’s traits include: true bohemian, logic combined with creativeness, a concern for the underdog and human rights. They are also gifted communicators, team players and full of great humor. But full of contradictions (like most people.) So I tried to pick the recommendations that most played into those.

I do like that one of the “issues” is flashes of unexpected rage. Um, yeah. I got that…

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She Burned all the Rules (and a Convent)



By: Kelly Gardiner

Grade: B

You have to admire Julie d’Aubigny- when the family of the woman she falls in love with ships her off to a convent Julie just goes and signs up as well. Then she commits arson (while using the body of a dead nun) and takes off with her girlfriend.

Admire the passion and the life. Maybe not duplicate certain things.

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