GOT: Thoughts and Unpopular Opinions on Dany… Spoilers!

dany game of thrones

So I wasn’t going to write about Thrones until it was over but oh boy the Dany stuff and in a lot of ways the reaction that’s spun up around it. I feel like I have to work some things out and write through it.

WARNING: Spoilers through episode four! FYI there are spoilers about the end that seem to be leaning toward true. I’m not going to talk about them here but just be careful if you’re out there on the Internet.

Disclaimer: If you are enjoying the show and don’t want to hear anything bad about it that’s wonderful! Enjoy it. I get it. No one’s stopping you. Don’t read this. There’s a lot of good things and hard work on this show but for what its worth my biggest problem with the show is and has always been the writing.

And what it might mean for the books but for now this is just about the show.

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The World of Ice & Fire


First off I want to admit that while I really wanted this book I got it for a Christmas gift which probably does affect how I feel about it. Hey, if I still had a job and hadn’t moved I probably would have splashed out the money on this one without a second thought because I always tend to. But honestly, even as a fan of the series (more so than the television series these days) did I really, really need it? Eh… Was it an awesome gift? You bet.

The book is not solely written by George R.R. Martin but mostly by two super fans Linda Antonsson and Elio M. Garcia Jr. It’s written from the POV of a maester who is definitely taking into account politics and the Lannister’s being in charge with a tilt to the history.  So yes, this history isn’t even presented as being accurate in that regard. Most of it is very, very dry so I can’t actually say if Antonsson and Garcia can write. If not for the beautiful illustrations I think it might have been too much of a slog honestly.


I think Highgarden was my favorite of the illustrated castles. I would want to live there if I could (but I’d still want to be a Stark.) Quite frankly I’m sick to death of the Lannisters & am ready to see at least the twins finally go. But that’s just me… There is a lot on the Targs and the Dorne stuff was fascinating and beautifully drawn. The book goes into more detail about Aegon and his sisters conquering Westeros- I’m dying to know what happened to his sister when her dragon went down in Dorne. While it’s not the book most fans wanted 🙂 I think there’s something here for everyone.

And even illustrated I still don’t see the appeal of the Greyjoys.

Recommend: Even though I think I’m getting a bit of fatigue with the series I really enjoyed the histories and the gorgeous illustrations. I would recommend but I think it makes an even better gift!



Dreamsongs Volume II Book

Dreamsongs Volume 2

I read Dreamsongs Volume 1 earlier this year and I enjoyed it but wanted to put off reading this one until I had more time. Voilà! Plenty of time these days!

I only knew of George R.R. Martin through the Ice and Fire Series but I enjoyed reading most of his other work as well. I am by no means a Martin expert. But it’s fun to read his old work and see the themes and threads that pop up throughout the thrones series. My biggest problem with Volume II is when he starts talking near the beginning about how his drawers are full of unfinished series. For just a minute I wanted to cry and then I thought to myself, “He’ll finish. He’ll finish. He’s going to finish!” I am not going to be one of those people who beg and plead no matter how much I want to do so. He’ll finish!

The stand outs in this one for me are: ‘The Skin Trade’ (which was better horror than what was included in Volume 1) it’s about werewolves technically but all I could think was the Bolton’s in Thrones and you’ll know why quickly and disgustingly. I enjoyed ‘Unsound Variations’ even though I know nothing about chess- it’s a nice twist that by the end I found myself rooting for some characters who were pretty awful in the beginning (not unlike Thrones). Of course I’m also fascinated by the idea of different lives based on the choices one makes.

There is a Hollywood section that I found fascinating. I enjoyed seeing the scripts laid out but I also like how Mister Martin talks a little in the beginning about how these particular stories or scripts came to be and the bit of Hollywood background about the behind the scenes made the scripts even more interesting in that regard.

Of course there’s also Dunk and Egg, the first of the Hedge Knight series, the reason why I picked up the book to get my Westeros fix. I’m not even going to lie. It was my favorite of the Volume. Dunk and his squire are just adorable and I loved the peak into early Westeros and the Targ Princes before everything went up in flames.

This book overall was a quicker read and a bit less expansive then the first Volume but then again I enjoyed it more. The stories feel more alive and consequently a lot more intense.  If you’re a fan you’ve probably already read it (I’m perpetually late to the game). If not it’s still an enjoyable anthology just beware of some truly gruesome stuff (mostly in The Skin Trade) and some mentions of sex and in a later story mentions of a violent assault.