Nimona should be a lesson for Hollywood these days. A fun, entertaining well done adaptation of a popular graphic novel that captures the heart of its story. It's also a story with deep meaning and diversity that almost didn't get made. The fact that it did is one of the reasons Netflix, for all it's... Continue Reading →

Already In For A Sequel

The Old Guard (Netflix) Directed By: Gina Prince-Bythewood Every time Merrick came on screen I was so distracted wondering why he looked so familiar and not being able to pull his name. Finally I just gave up and Googled it and turns out he was good old Dudley Dursley! Now we know what he's been... Continue Reading →

A Few Good Batgirls

I've been a fan of Batgirl for a while. Loved the version on Harley Quinn been waiting with baited breath (and admittedly less and less hope) for a good live-action version. And recently did some comic readings one Cassandra Cain (and Barbara) and one Barbara and they were all worth it! Shadow of the Batgirl... Continue Reading →

Books to Read When You are Sick

My original idea for this list was Books to Read when you have a Migraine but then I just expanded it to whenever you're any kind of sick lying around in bed and want to think about something other than how shitty everything is but also don't want to pick up the latest 700 page... Continue Reading →

Well No House is Ever Perfect

Locke & Key Netflix Series I went into this one with a bit of worry. I read the first two graphic novels in this series (by Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez) a while back and didn't love them, didn't hate them but definitely didn't keep reading. I remember it being pretty dark and just generally... Continue Reading →

Mini-Review Wrap-Up: Halloween Reads Edition

Fake Blood By: Whitney Gardner Grade: A I thought I'd do quick mini-reviews of the rest of my "Halloween" reading as I throw myself into non-fiction/sci-fi November because there were some interesting reads. See Fake Blood. Which is completely my kind of relationship drama. Our main character has a crush on a girl obsessed with... Continue Reading →

Fairyland, the Future & Al & Peggy

I Hate Fairyland Vol. 4 Sadly Never After By: Skottie Young Grade: A I have enjoyed every previous visit to Fairyland with our little over-sugared adult trapped in a child's body and snapped psychopath Gert. That this seems like the end makes me want to cry. Though it goes out strong and on-top and I... Continue Reading →

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