Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow

Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow is so wildly adaptable for a film that it gives me great hope it's already on James Gunn's list for the new (except his stuff) DC. It needs some depth which a good screenwriter can easily supply but it really is just ripe for a movie. I just didn't love the... Continue Reading →

Vespertine is a Fun Fall Read

Margaret Rogerson is definitely officially on my must read authors list after Vespertine. So far her books are consistently enjoyable with strong stories and great female leads. Vespertine is no different. And though it's not a stand alone like her other books I think it could easily still work as a stand alone. We follow... Continue Reading →

A Few Good Batgirls

I've been a fan of Batgirl for a while. Loved the version on Harley Quinn been waiting with baited breath (and admittedly less and less hope) for a good live-action version. And recently did some comic readings one Cassandra Cain (and Barbara) and one Barbara and they were all worth it! Shadow of the Batgirl... Continue Reading →

The Best Harley Story Yet

Harleen By: Stjepan Šejic I'm not particularly good at fawning over things so let me just say I really think this is my favorite Harley story, Harley-Joker origin story ever and one of my top 3 graphic novels. I went into it expecting to like it because it is Harley. I did not expect it... Continue Reading →

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