Lovelorn Should Have Kept Them All

broken things

Broken Things

By: Lauren Oliver

Grade: D

A couple of years ago Brynn, Mia and Summer were obsessed with the tale of Lovelorn. A book with a Shadow creature that accepts sacrifices. A book with no ending. They were determined to write their own. They played at Lovelorn. And when Summer was killed in a sacrifice style way Brynn, Mia and local boy Owen were the main suspects.

Quite frankly I wish Lovelorn had really opened them up and swallowed them whole.

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See & Die

bird box

Bird Box

By: Josh Malerman

Grade: B+

Horror for me often falls into two categories. The stuff that’s fun when you’re reading/watching it. That does scare you and leave you going oh gross, no, no. Run away! But doesn’t really leave an impact. And the stuff that gets under your skin leaves you unsettled and checking under your bed.

For me Bird Box is the first category. Fun and effective with what might be the most crazy horrible birth scene ever. But there was no checking for monsters.

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City of Ghosts vs. Small Spaces

city of ghosts

City of Ghosts

By: Victoria Schwab

Grade: B

After a near death experience Cassie (the daughter of paranormal investigators no less) is able to make contact with ghosts. In fact she has a ghost sidekick friend. This isn’t that much of a big deal in America but she soon learns her parents will be touring Europe starting in Edinburgh, Scotland. Ghost central pretty much.

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By: Mary Shelley

Grade: A

Whoa! Two classics this year for me! I am on a roll ūüôā

Embarrassing fact: I was totally one of those people who thought Frankenstein was the monster. I mean I figured it out long before I read it but yeah, I thought that way too long myself. I enjoyed the book. Surprised myself really. But since a lot has been written about it I thought I’d just basically transcribed some of the notes I took.

Mostly on Frankenstein.


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The Call


The Call

Author: Peadar O’Guilin

Grade: A-

If you are a teenager in Ireland one day you will be called. Transported immediately from whatever you were doing to the Grey Lands where you have to survive the hunt. The vicious cruel Sidhe are chasing you. You will probably not survive. Your siblings will probably not survive. Your friends will probably not survive.

If you are one of the lucky ones (one in ten) you may wish that they had just killed you.

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The Dead House


Scare Scale- 7

Creep Factor- Climbing ended at 9/10

The Dead House

Author: Dawn Kurtagich

Genre: YA/ Psychological Thriller

Grade: A

¬†Years ago there was an incident at Elmbridge High School after which troubled student Carly Johnson seemingly disappeared. Recently a journal has been discovered whose author is Kaitlyn Johnson, Carly’s twin sister. Only Carly didn’t have a twin.

¬†Honestly, I’m one of those people that find the break down of the mind one of the scariest things imaginable. This story is told through the found journal, through police records, and psychological interviews and notes. Kaitlyn was Carly’s “other.” An identity that Doctor’s believe was formed through trauma. She is a highly unreliable narrator and the journal going deeper and deeper into her mind, into her psychosis really, is quite creepy in the fact that it could be so real.

¬†The story and the events in the story start off rather slow but escalates in direct terms with Kaitlyn/Carly’s mind disintegrating. I really enjoyed this one. It’s definitely hard to put down once it gets going and I don’t want to give too many spoilers away. Kaitlyn’s friends are an interesting bunch as well. I actually liked how she wrote it. What happens when an incredibly sick girl meets a slightly less troubled girl who believes that it’s all magic or a haunting and she can cure you better than any Doctor?

 That was an interesting element of the story because it does serve to introduce the idea of a supernatural element without ever losing the strength of painful truth of the psychological.

 Was it real?

 Was it all in her head?

 Considering the extent of what was in her head and the damage caused does it even matter if it was real?

 So yeah, entertaining, scary and made me think and question reality. Plus excellent job with the creepy cover art.

 Recommend: Yes.