8 Retelling Recommendations to Try

retelling recommendations

I am in a very list making mood these days. I did one for people who want to try Science-Fiction and then was working on movies got to Clueless (which is of course a timeless Emma retelling) and thought… Retellings. The Best Ones I’d Recommend for People who want to give them a go!

FYI while this is about books I’d still totally recommend Clueless and 10 Things I Hate About You (a Taming of the Shrew retelling.) Both classics of my youth!

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Pride and Prejudice… with Dragons



By: Elle Katharine White

Grade: B

A Pride and Prejudice retelling where Darcy and others are dragon riders. And there’s other things like hobgoblins, wyverns and giant worms but the most amazing thing of all…

A Pride and Prejudice where I didn’t want to murder “Lydia” a miracle!

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