Been There, Don’t Do It

Been There, Married That

Been There, Married That

By: Gigi Levangie

I almost DNF’ed this. I probably should have but Been There, Married That is a book to read if you have a lot going on and are looking for something that you have absolutely no emotional investment or even interest in.

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Howard Hughes and Hollywood’s Sordid History

seduction howard hughes

Seduction: Sex, Lies and Stardom in Howard Hughes’s Hollywood

By: Karina Longworth

Grade: A

My interest in classic Hollywood has never extended to Howard Hughes and my previous familiarity with his story came from biographies of Katherine Hepburn and Jane Russell. Yet I have to admit I was more interested in this due to the Me Too movement, the Harvey Weinstein case and (and countless other) Hollywood scandals exposing long standing harassment.

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