My First Horror Manga

Venus in the Blind Spot By: Junji Ito My first horror manga! Honestly I think this might be my favorite manga yet. Of all the Junji Ito options I had to start with this one because I find the cover art so striking and that turned out to be a really good approximation of what's... Continue Reading →

The Diviners and the King

The King of Crows By: Libba Bray With this book I've finished five series this year! Which considering how the rest of the year (crap) is going I'm taking that as reading win. I am a little torn on this one though because while I give high marks to the series overall and loved books... Continue Reading →

Midsommar at Last

Midsommar Directed By: Ari Aster Midsommar was one of my most anticipated movies of the year which I promptly missed in theaters so became one of my top 3 must catch up on and I finally managed to! After suffering a horrible tragedy Dani (the amazing Florence Pugh) travels to Sweden with her not great... Continue Reading →

What’s Scarier? Books vs. Films

I started reading It last week- the movie version helped restart my interest in the horror genre. Unsurprisingly like most of the King books I've read from that era I can't put it down. And reading it while awaiting the final chapter and thinking on some of the other scary movies I've watched or am... Continue Reading →

The Devil & Roan Eddington

Teeth in the Mist By: Dawn Kurtagich I read 'inspired by the legend of Faust' and was like sign me up! I enjoyed both Kurtagich's previous books The Dead House & And the Trees Crept In so when I saw this one and read witches and deals with the devils along with a suitably creepy... Continue Reading →

See & Die

Bird Box By: Josh Malerman Grade: B+ Horror for me often falls into two categories. The stuff that's fun when you're reading/watching it. That does scare you and leave you going oh gross, no, no. Run away! But doesn't really leave an impact. And the stuff that gets under your skin leaves you unsettled and... Continue Reading →

Follow Me into this Dark & Creepy Cave

The Anomaly By: Michael Rutger Grade: B This book is full of things I would never do. Explore a cavern high in the walls on the Grand Canyon... nope. Especially a cavern that I believe the government concealed discovery of the first time around... nope. And maybe if I did one day strangely get that... Continue Reading →

Things You Learn on a Reread

The Tommyknockers By: Stephen King Grade: B+ Trip over a piece of metal in the woods. Realize it's larger than you could have imagined. Give into compulsion to dig it up. Doom everyone. I read The Tommyknockers for the first time when I was a kid (probably 12 or so) and it's stayed with me... Continue Reading →

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