It Chapter 2: Thoughts & Spoilers

It Chapter 2 Directed By: Andy Muschietti Stephen King is well-known for not always sticking the landings as they say. It is probably a big part of that. The film makes fun of that as well teasing writer Bill that no one likes his endings. Overall I have to say I enjoyed the film. Lots... Continue Reading →

I Finally Read It

It By: Stephen King As a kid I was always a fan of Stephen King's older stuff. The Stand, Tommyknockers, Carrie, Christine but for some reason I got it in my head that I would never, ever touch It. Yet the most recent adaptation and a rekindled interest in horror made me finally pickup the... Continue Reading →

What’s Scarier? Books vs. Films

I started reading It last week- the movie version helped restart my interest in the horror genre. Unsurprisingly like most of the King books I've read from that era I can't put it down. And reading it while awaiting the final chapter and thinking on some of the other scary movies I've watched or am... Continue Reading →

The Goosebumps Tag

I wanted to do one more tag for the ghostly season because my brain is all over the place. Christmas decorations are coming out at the stores and brain is pretty much headed there. The end of the bloody year. That's a scary thing in and of itself right now 🙂 This tag was created... Continue Reading →

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